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Live Green,
Live Well

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Think. Live.
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Number of Vehicles Taken Off The Road


With Greenwell Science Innovative Technology

Equipped with the most energy efficient apparatuses, Green Well Science is supported by the most innovative solutions to provide our clients with a full range of professional services.

Imagine... Your Child Playing Happily In a Bacteria and Virus Free Environment.

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Imagine... Your Workplace Looking After Your Wellbeing (Green Work)

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Happy and healthier kids showing up at school, learning faster and thinking more creatively. (Green Campus)

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Smart, clean and healthy connections β€œOR”
Take a ride on the green side (Green Ride)

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With a passion for environmental sustainability, Greenwell Science is dedicated to bringing the most cutting edge green technology into the spotlight so that together, we can think GREEN and live WELL.
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quote icon What they
say about us.

Mdm Rao Wen Xiu

Previously I did not want to carry out large-scale renovation of my house as I was afraid for the health of my kids. Greenwell put me at ease allowing me to renovate without harming my kids in the process. Greenwell gave me a deeper understanding of the process and I am very pleased with their service. I will definitely recommend their service to others.

Mr Yusoff Mohammed

We have observed that the mouldy smell was greatly reduced if not fully eliminated

Raj Thakur

The atmosphere around my house had gotten more fresh and invigorating ever since I tapped Greenwell's solutions. Kudos to your company!

Darren Yu

I find your solutions to be smart and unique. I am optimistic that my child photography studio will not only provide quality photos, but a safe and clean environment for children as well!

Adeline Chu

All of us in the family are fond of working out at home instead of going to the gym. Your products have made us feel confident about our environment for months and I don't think it will fail us.

Francis Teo

As a new dad, I no longer have to worry about diseases that can harm my child, thanks to your protective solutions. Will surely tap you guys again when the time comes.

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Think Green, Live Well.