At Greenwell Science we strive to effect positive green change from every angle. We will not rest until everyone can live in a clean, safe and sustainable environment free from harmful pollutants. We aim to facilitate a knowledge network to empower everyone to start making informed decisions and to find greener solutions today.

Green Ride


Take a Ride On The Green Side

Motor Vehicles contribute 72% of Nitrogen Oxides and 52% of reactive hydrocarbons. In heavily populated cities, vehicles can contribute up to 70% of the air population. Environmentally sustainable solutions are available but access to these solutions remain limited.

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Protect both drivers and riders today. Join GREEN RIDE and together let’s raise awareness!

Green Work


A Breath Of Fresh Air At Work

Sick Building Syndrome is more common than you think. We spend an average of 9 hours a day at the office. The highly industrialized environment emits ozone and other toxic gases that coupled with poor ventilation, is damaging to employee wellbeing and health. The inevitable result is a fall in productivity.

Join our Green Work crusade to turn all offices into eco-offices with green solutions like Infinite.

Green Campus


Clean Air = Clear Mind

UNICEF indicates that clean air is indispensable for early brain development. Children need a safe and hygienic environment to grow up healthy. Ensure our future generations can grow up fighting fit today! Unite with childcare professionals, educators and parents alike when you join the GREEN CAMPUS Cause.

Green Living


Breathe In The Clean, Crisp Air Of The Great Outdoors…Indoors

It is difficult to control the air quality in the external environment but we can start by controlling the air quality in our built environment. Find green solutions for the home and rest easy knowing your family is healthy. Share information about lifestyle choices and how to better equip your home with green solutions.

Join Green Living to complete transform the environment we live, breathe and sleep in.

With a strong passion for human and environmental sustainability, Green Well Science dedicates itself into research, development and commercialisation of latest green technologies, to shape our daily lives into ones that enable us to enjoy the earth, not worry about it.

Think Green, Live Well.