“I want Greenwell Science to enable a smarter, cleaner and more sustainable world for generations to come. At Greenwell Science, we believe that Clean Air Technology is the key to succeeding in our pursuit for a better world. By being responsible today, we are making a lasting difference on the environment in the future.

I invite you to live GREEN & WELL to make a positive, meaningful impact on individuals, communities and our environment.“

About Us

Christina Zhao Lin

Greenwell Science Founder CEO

About Us
About Us

Why Choose Us?

Solution Driven

We provide market driven and tailor-made solutions to tackle airborne bacteria and harmful viruses present in the environment you live, work and play in. Our consultation includes site inspection, data analysis, bespoke solutions and reporting to keep our clients better informed. We ensure our products reduce the risk of human error and start work immediately after application so you can kickstart your green journey.

Environmentally Sustainable

Our products are all natural and sustainable. They do not consume electricity and are biodegradable thus reducing our carbon footprint. Long lasting and minimal maintenance required to keep clean, Infinite and Origin are simple solutions for maximum protection from air-borne bacteria and viruses.

Leading Industry Innovation and Research

We capitalise on and in some cases lead the most up-to-date scientific research available in the market. We believe in smart-technology. That is why we collaborate with esteemed institutions like National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, A*Star and Building Research Establishment to constantly be at the forefront of scientific innovation.

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We are an innovative start-up, driven by a passion to create a healthy, smart and sustainable environment for all. Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, our primary focus is to bring cutting edge science to the forefront so everyone can Think Green, Live Well.

Our Mission

With a strong passion for environmental sustainability, Greenwell Science is dedicated to bringing the most innovative green technology into the spotlight so that together, we can think GREEN and live WELL.

Our Vision

Through innovative, smart technology and trusted science, we aim to completely transform indoor air quality and to improve environmental performance and sustainability.

With a strong passion for human and environmental sustainability, Green Well Science dedicates itself into research, development and commercialisation of latest green technologies, to shape our daily lives into ones that enable us to enjoy the earth, not worry about it.

Think Green, Live Well.