With a fuming passion for human and environmental sustainability, Green Well Science dedicates itself into research, development and commercialisation of latest green technologies, to shape our daily lives into ones that enable us to enjoy the earth, not worry about it.

Imagine…Hospitals that are simply disinfected and stay that way.

Imagine…Buildings that remain clean in its interior and exterior without the need to clean it.

Imagine…Children interacting and playing without the worry of diseases being transmitted.

With Green Well Science, THIS can be a


Services & Products

We perform a number of air quality tests to establish baseline readings before purification treatment with INFINITE. ATP readings are obtained by taking bacteria samples on the actual site with KIKKOMAN LUMITESTER. Other tests will be conducted to determine Formaldehyde and Total Volatile Organic Compounds concentration.

Experience ORIGIN, the 100% certified organic disinfectant based on bioflavonoid for multiple industries and households. Perfect for when the most potent disinfectant is called for, perfectly safe for mothers and babies. Sensitive skin friendly. Environmentally friendly.

The world’s first semi-permanent, visible light activated, energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly Clean Air Technology (CAT). INFINITE is a sustainable solution that stands between you and transmittable diseases. We provide professional coating service with customized electro-static spray guns for any indoor space.

Following the implement of Clean Air Technology (CAT), a series of air quality tests are conducted. Real time air quality monitoring will be set in place. Certification of clean air is issued with CAT service. We strive to add value to services provided, going the extra mile to give clients the evidence and peace of mind that they are surrounded by clean air.

With follow-up tests and monitory after CAT service, it is our daily endeavor to ensure that our clients enjoy wholesome clean air. Any decline in readings, albeit rare, will be detected and reported for touch-ups to be scheduled.

Green Well Science